Cyrano, distilled from white wine with roots dating from the 14th century, and crafted in very small quantities in Gascony, France. Land of troubadours, poets and musketeers.


"I love Armagnac. In cocktails, on the rocks, and in sips ...and also love drinking it straight from the barrel"  Cyrano, 1650


Armagnac is one of the many fine gastronomic delights that the French offer the world.

While traditionally served "neat", Armagnac has proven to be a very mixable spirit enjoyed in such classic cocktails as the Sazerac, Sidecar and the Vieux Carré. Recently, Blanche (white) Armagnac has also been launched making it a perfect base for any classic or complex cocktail.

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This highly mixable beverage is enjoyed in classic cocktails such as Sours, Martinis and the ever-popular Margarita.  Shake & Stir !

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