Words from Armagnac: Chai

It is here that the magic takes place; where the cellar master creates his masterpieces. Both a place of work but also a ‘sacred temple’, the cellar contains the secrets of Armagnac. Its raw and authentic atmosphere gives the impression of time standing still. You just need to open the door to feel the enveloping humidity of the air, smell the woody perfume of the barrels, imagine the people who have succeeded each other and to be filled with immense peace.

In the cellar, there is a place for every barrel and every barrel has its place. They are lined up and form avenues that are sometimes several storeys high. The cellar master who knows every nook and cranny walks up and down the lines to taste his eaux-de-vie, finding ideal synergies and watching over his realm. While bringing up his Armagnacs is a question of time, it also depends on the environment in which it takes place: aeration of the cellar, light, humidity, and temperature are all the elements that he must master in order to obtain the sought after aromatic profile.

A cellar is therefore not a static place and over the years it becomes a theatre of many encounters:

  • Between the eaux-de-vie, naturally, because it is in its heart that the precious nectars lie and where the blends take place ;
  • Between tradition and audacity also, as it allows the cellar master to mark the Armagnac with his own character and vision, all the while respecting the AOC rules and the house style.
  • Between men and women lastly, as it is the link between several generations of craftsmen that have trodden its earth and enriched the Gascon heritage.

The common fruit of all these encounters? Armagnac: It is the intangible link in the chain that is created in the heart of the cellar and extends over time.

Source BNIA