Armagnac best allies for pairings

Sugar is Armagnac’s ally! It is even an excellent ally when it comes to food pairing because it can
help to reduce the sensation of alcohol on the palate. But beware, too much sugar will overwhelm the Armagnac and inhibit its expression.

Bitterness is perfectly compatible with Armagnac. Dark chocolate is the best proof of this, and the older the Armagnac is, the better it pairs. The most likely reason for this is that Armagnac itself expresses bitterness derived from its barrel aging.

Salt and Armagnac are old friends. They share the common quality of being flavor enhancers and their properties have long been associated. It is therefore not surprising that so many salty dishes pair extremely well with Armagnac.

Umami is Armagnac’s universal ally. This fifth flavor is highly appreciated in Asian cuisine. All foods, most of which are fermented or aged, are umami-rich.

Fat is a good ally because it combines with the alcohol to act as a support and creates an agreeable texture. However, it can also be an enemy because, if there is too much water associated with the fat, it can dilute and overwhelm the Armagnac, even an old one.