Cyrano launches Fine & Rare Vintages

Margouet-Meymes, FRANCE, 21 December 2017- Cyrano, the Armagnac for bartenders and sommeliers, today unveiled its latest innovation: Fine & Rare Vintages.

Vintage Armagnacs are produced using grapes from a single year and single harvest, not a blend like our XO, 25 and 50 Years Old. The date displayed on a bottle of vintage Armagnac denotes the year the grapes were grown.  They are “single barrel“, which means the spirit comes from one single source: one year, one estate, one barrel.

We bottle only when we receive an order so as to maximise the ageing phase. Indeed, once bottled and unlike wine, Armagnac no longer ages (this is true of all spirits). For this reason we always include the bottle and batch numbers on the label allowing you to track your Armagnac.

Vintages are a great way to commemorate a birthday or anniversary, and are well priced when compared to vintage wines, whiskies or Cognacs of similar ages.

 "This is the realm of tailor-made, the very top-of-the-range"