A Bartender design, from the spirit to the bottle to the story.

Bartenders use spirits more than anyone else: they pour them all day long, and they try them in countless different mixed drinks. They see the bottle as a canvas and a tool to use and interact with; hence, the shape, weight, and feel are extremely important to them.

They helped us design a bartending-friendly bottle that would facilitate and inspire bartender’s work. A bottle having Speed, Accuracy, and Comfort in mind – the three key things that enable them to make more drinks, to make better drinks.

We came up with a timeless French classic wine bottle shape that expresses Cyrano’s heritage and craftsmanship. Very recognizable for guests to see on the back bar, with a retro look but a new feel. The design features Cyrano's sword within the Logo which is written in a blackletter style, still popular in 17th Century France. Other details include an illustration of the Sun, representing the 'Sun King' Louis VIV who was the French monarch at the time of Cyrano de Bergerac, and one of Cyrano's famous quotes. 'A kiss is a rosy dot over the 'i' of loving.'

Functionally, every little detail has been thought of: the bottle has been specially designed for shaving seconds off production time, and avoiding finger cuts and dirt while opening. Simple to store into the rail taking up the minimum amount of space possible for packing as many bottles within reach. It’s light, slim, round, the glass has even weight distribution throughout and it pops a speed pourer perfectly. It’s ideal for churning out drinks fast and has a long neck that makes it easy to grab and manipulate one-handed, particularly by ladies who have smaller hands than men do. All designed for flair and mixing.

There was significant research into the past, and every element on the bottle has a meaning and a clear link to history, from the simple color palette to the flair typography, from the sword to the poetry, from the rondel of the legendary Cyrano to the traditional wax seal.

With this bottle, we want to give bartenders and consumers all over the world a view into our amazing history, passion, and craftsmanship. Besides, everyone loves a great story at a bar, and Cyrano has a ton to spare!