Best Glass for tasting Armagnac

The glass must help to contain and then give expression to the aromas. The balloon glass is not the best suited, although it is the type most often proposed for a tasting. The ideal glass is of the “Tulip” type.

There are different opinions about this topic. Some prefer snifters others rounded belly glasses with a tapered chimney. If you don't have glasses like this, use a tulip-shaped champagne glass. It may feel strange at first to drink your armagnac from a champagne flute, but you'll be rewarded with a magical drinking experience.

Whatever you use, thin glass is extremely important in heightening aromatics.

Warming the glass in one's hand is pleasurable yet causes the alcohol aromas to surface before those of the fruit. Consequently, one normally holds the glass by the base, like one would hold a wine glass.

Of course, this is the "connaisseurs" way, you can taste directly from the barrel if you like. That is my way