It is a clear unaged Armagnac distilled from white wine grapes, a white spirit full of fruit and freshness. Never compromised by barrels, she is the true essence of Armagnac. After distillation is vatted in inert containers allowing the spirit to retain its sharp, spunky edge. Clean with a bold, muscular character, it is the preferred for mixologists as it is a versatile base for cocktails. Its flavor,  viscosity and silky texture, makes it great for many different serves.

Coming from the same "terroir" of traditional Armagnac, she benefits from 700 hundred years of “savoir-faire”, but it wasn't until ROXANE launched in 2016 that the world was introduced to ultra-premium mixing Armagnac.

She is ready to party. She feels at home in cocktail shakers, as well as chilled in a martini glass or “on the Rox.”

The nose lends aromatherapy of orange blossoms and luscious pamplemousse grapefruit. 

The body of ROXANE coats the palate like honey on a spoon. Articulate and delicate flavors of lemon, Nutella and fresh green apples are nothing short of inspiring! 

Ripe fresh peach is all around ROXANE, balanced by ever present lemon essential oils providing a long-lasting, pleasant acidity. 

The finish is long, dry and effortlessly elegant.

If you're bored with premium vodkas, make this your new party drink !