CYRANO 25, Batch No 001

Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, Baco and Colombard grapes were used for this blend. All grapes were sourced from the central area of Bas Armagnac.

Crafted for us by Samalens, in Laujuzan, Bas Armagnac, the youngest spirit was vinified and distilled in 1990. From then onwards, the youngest armagnac was aged for 13 years in 400-liter new Limousin oak barrels that came from trees at least a hundred years old. The armagnacs of this blend stayed in new barrels just until the dissolution level of substances in the wood was optimal and were then transferred to older barrels to avoid an excessive extraction of wood and to continue their slow evolution. The substances in the wood became more refined, aromas of vanilla and prunes developed, the nutty character appeared, and the alcohol degree diminished gradually through evaporation (the angel’s share). Each of the armagnacs took lovely amber colors that then turned to mahogany.

Seven years ago, the master blender created this blend using 25- to 61-year-old rare armagnacs. It’s the youngest armagnac that determines the legal age of our spirit, but blending different ages of armagnacs is what determined the grade and quality of this finished bottle.

With access to one of the largest armagnac libraries in the region, we are able to reproduce the flavor profile again and again. While great skills and hard work are required, the resulting armagnac is worth it, with a rich, complex aroma and a long, contemporary, but ancient finish.

Finally, on the morning of October 7th 2016, we bottled, labeled, and sealed in hand-dipped wax – a swift, one-day process. We were then ready to ship CYRANO 25 to you.

Rare and precious, this armagnac is a product of man’s mastery over time. An unparalleled range of aromas gives CYRANO 25 its unique complexity. It is crafted to achieve perfect balance, and only once it is tasted, does it reveal its true meaning.

"A passport to travel in time"